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VOX UV400 PRO produced by Nano Technology (Nano Technology)

is the world's leading product to reduce heat and provide 100% protection from harmful UV 400/UVA1 (rays). VOX UV400 can reduce heat with up to 93% Infrared Rejetction and up to 86% Total Solar EnergyRejetection (TSER). It is the only protection film with heat reduction benefits that are 100% scientifically tested and verified

protection film innovation is the same the technology used by NASA's cosmos station to protect astronauts from the dangerous heat and UV levels in outer space.



Film for cars VOX UV400 PRO
is the only film that can provide maximum heat reduction and UV400/UVA1
ray protection for automobile driver and passangers.
A patented, innovation tectnological process by Nano technology makes 
VOX UV 400 PRO the world's top car protection flim.



LUXURY SERIES Innovative film for luxury automobiles


Lady Series protect your perfect beauty skin